Want to find Hamidashimono closer to home or with a limited colour tenugui?
Here is a list of our current stockists.



 White Mausu

Katie and Jasper at White Mausu make some seriously delicious rāyu (chilli infused oil condiments). We’re so pleased that they not only stock Hamidashimono in their online store, but also use Hamidashimono for their pop-up dinners to enhance the shared exacting experience.




Gastronomia Yamamoto

Our new friend Aya is bringing Japanese gastronomy and culture to Italy. Visit their shop and restaurant in Milan or find our Hamidashimono with a green tenugui online. We had a lot of fun working with Aya to make this limited ‘Italian green’ tenugui version of Hamidashimono, only available from Gastronomia Yamamoto.




Yeabuddy is “sharing the good things in life, one story at a time.” Visit their online store to buy some beautiful gifts and you will revisit again and again to read the stories behind their wonderful selection of goods. They stock less but focus more on individual items and their unique stories, which is why we felt Hamidashimono was a perfect fit.